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Reference Cats of Ubasti that have retired from our Program and have went on to forever homes.
Winachi Ali  -  Our first Queen here at Ubasti.
  She will allways be special to us.
Wildisle Good Az Gold-  This was our first stud cat and we will never forget him.  Unfortunately he was stolen from us from Nicole and Corey Griego of Wisconsin.    We hope that one day they will do the right thing and at least pay us for him and let us know that he is alright.  A bad check was written to us from a closed account . Let this be a warning to anyone out there that might accept a check!  I
We would like to think that all people are honest.....(dumb mistake I made!)
Baili Hai Silverado Streaker-   Our first Silver male and a gorgeous one at that!  He went on to live the good life with our first silver female Cedar Ranch Gypsy.
Baileys Pride Sivali  "Lena"  -   This cat  has been a part of our family and we are going to miss her,  She and "Winchester"  will be living with Robin in Mississippi.  Thank you Robin for letting them both  come live with you !!
These two kittens came from Legacie Fantasma and TnT Night Stalker. They left for Russia in January 2009
Raja at his new home all settled in with a new buddy!!!  Thanks to a great couple!!

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I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail thanking you once again for Tiana (Makina).  She has become such a loving member of our family.  She has a great personality and begs to be held and cuddled constantly.  If her sister has the same personality, it must have been very difficult to choose between them.  My wife commented the other day “How could she let her go?” We even debated on just keeping her for our pet, instead of breeding! We have decided that she is going to be our pet and breeding- she will be with us when she isn’t pregnant and nursing, and in the cattery while she is being a mommy. Of course, she will still be getting a ton of attention from us while in there. We have NEVER had a cat like her! She is really one of a kind- she just really LOVES people!

We cannot thank you enough,
Chris, Hailey and Family
Hello Melissa!!! I much many times want to tell you thanks!!! Your children are magnificent!!! I very much love them!! Magic Star my favourite girl! She sleeps only with me on a pillow.   I have retained daughter of Magic Star. Her name is MONTENEGRO. It is CHARCOAL. Charcoal in Russia the big rarity. It is magnificent!! THANKS!!!THANKS!!!THANKS!!!The Best regards,

IRINA. text.
Ubasti Magic Star of Smilodon
Ubasti Black Diamond of Smilodon
Here are a few pics of Catava from this past weekend. 
Amy, the girls, Tucker (the dog), and I enjoy her very much.  We never dreamed she would be such a perfect fit for us.
Just wanted to share…..
Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Curt H.

Thank you for the e-mail.  Attached are some pictures of Kona.  He is a terrific cat and we love him to death.  He is extremely intelligent and although he was distant at first now sleeps with us every night and is very friendly.  He definitely has an opinion about everything :)

Thank you so much for breeding this wonderful cat!
Holly's Kittens- Asia and Bella
Holly's Kittens- Asia and Bella
This is Roman....He is in a wonderful home now Thanks to Tina.  Unfortunately he had a bad start at his previous owners but now he is doing great and has become the center of attention at Tina's place.  Thanks so much to Tiina for giving him a second chance!!
Ubasti Mercedes of Sumatra
ClHello  Melissa!  Just wanted to thank you sooo much for bringing Rajji into our lives.  He is the BEST kitty ever!  I can't imagine my life without him now.
He runs and jumps and plays and gets into EVERYTHING just like a toddler!  He follows me everwhere and hollers his head off when he can't find us!  I am attaching some photos so you can see how much he has grown.  He is the most extraordinary boy!  Thank you again a thousand times!   Kris & Tony