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The Bengal Cat came from crossing a domestic cat with the Asian Leopard Cat. They have a beautiful Leopard-like coat and have become very popular among House Pets. Most of the major organizations recognize this breed and it is now eligible for showing.

Bengals are medium to large in size. They can reach up to 15 pounds in weight. Females are usually smaller than the males and they have an average weight between 8-10 pounds. They are robust, rather than delicate or petite, and have a well developed muscle structure. A Broad head that may seem slightly smaller in proportion to the rest of the body is characteristic to this Breed. The Muzzle is broad and has prominent whiskers with high cheekbones.

The Bengal Cat has a very soft short to medium coat. The coat is pelt-like, being thick and luxurious. It comes in various colors and patterns. It is desirable for the Bengal Cats to have glitter.
Melissa Rivera